Ybera Fashion UP Home Care System New Image Ideal

  1. THE IDEAL SMOOTH MAINTENANCE TREATMENT FOR EXTREMELY DRY HAIRS – Its exclusive and innovative formula make it the perfect solution to complement your previous smoothing system. Fast and simple to use, this treatment with an easy application process as a shampoo and conditioner, will instantly provides you an hydrated, shiny hair fiber with a healthy and resistant appearance. Use it as a regular shampoo to wash your hair and get better results after apply any other keratin treatment.
  2. ORGANIC AND EXCLUSIVE NATURAL, REDUCE VOLUME, ANTI FRIZZ FORMULA – helps to keep the smooth effect on the hair for long. Its rich blend based on oil of grape seed, traps moisture and prevent frizz, split ends and brittle hair, and enriched with Murumuru butter, which repair damaged hair and recovers its natural beauty will provides you an outrageous hair. The Murumuru is a seed of a typical Brazilian palm tree; of the oil of this seed is produced a butter which has impressive benefits for dry ha
  3. COLOR & STRAIGHTENER SAFE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES – Ybera products provides a gentle and effective care for all hair textures. The Fashion UP is compatible with any previous treatment applied on the hair. In fact, its formulation has an exclusive molecule that neutralizes the odor left by progressive smoothing. You can use it on daily basis to care your scalp and get a healthy and hydrated hair.
  4. TOXICITY FREE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES – The Ybera Fashion UP Home Care System it’s an exclusive and innovative formula, ideal for the maintenance of smoothing. Its formula do not contain harsh chemicals. This treatment is free of formol, silicone, parabens, petrolatum or Formaldehyde, providing a safe care for your hair. Besides, it will protect the cuticle of the hair since it is free of sulphates. Suitable for sensitive skin and cruelty free.
  5. 100% BRAZILIAN HAIR TREATMENT – Ybera Professional Treatment are unique formulas with high quality ingredients which allow you to have a shine, smooth, silky hair. The Ybera Fashion UP Home Care System is a treatment that can be used at home in daily basis, its application is fast and comfortable. This system is a set that include: 1 Shampoo 8 Oz and 1 Conditioner 8 Oz.

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