Gandiva Desktop Computer Core 2 Duo CPU G31 Board 4GB DDR2 RAM 500GB HDD USB KB & Mouse WiFi Windows 7 & MS Office

Desktop PC Details: Gandiva Desktop Computer (Core 2 Duo CPU /4GB DDR2 RAM / 15.6” monitor / USB KB & Mouse / WIFI) Windows 7 & MS Office (Trail Version) and Antivirus (Free Version) Pre-Installed(500GB HDD)

Package Includes : Desktop package includes Computer Power Cable / Computer Motherboard Drivers CD / User Manual Book / Warranty Information / Support Information

One Year Warranty available for whole Desktop Computer . Call our Toll Free Number for Gandiva Desktop computer technical problems.

Gandiva Desktop Computer Can Be Used School, College, Browsing Center, Offices and Home. All the Gandiva desktop computer are designed by well trained computer engineers with multi level testing.

Additional Features : Gandiva Personal Computer will come along with trial operating system and with all drivers installed.. Computer will have a WIFI facility where customer can connect all WIFI devices and Mobile Hotspots.

Gandiva Desktop Computer (Core 2 Duo CPU / G31 Board/ 4GB DDR2 RAM / 500GB HDD/USB KB & Mouse/WiFi) Windows 7 & MS Office (Trail Version) and..

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